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The Directors Chair Course

The Directors Chair Course is made up of 5 modules.

Choose one that best suits your needs or complete all 5 modules for a Certificate in Governance.

The Effective Board - Processes and Procedures

Is it Time to Review your Board Processes?

Well informed and high-quality decision making is a critical requirement for a board to be effective.

Flawed decisions can be made with the best of intentions with competent individuals believing passionately that they are making a sound judgment. Many of the factors which lead to poor decision making are predictable and preventable. Boards can minimise the risk of poor decisions by investing time in the design of their decision.

Ideal for Directors and Trustees.

In this full one day workshop you will understand how effective boards run meetings, the role of the Chair and how policies should be created.

Topics covered:

  • Board Processes
  • Documentation: Minutes and Agendas
  • Board Papers
  • Decision Making
  • Problem Solving
  • Registration of Interest
  • Working together as a Group
  • Role of the Chair



Finance for Directors

Understand from a director’s point of view what you need to know about your accounts.

Topics covered:

  • Legislated financial requirements for Directors and Boards
  • Financial Reporting formats including
    • Management Reports
    • Profit and Loss
    • Balance Sheet
  • Understand the ‘Jargon’
  • How to analyse the numbers
  • Auditing

The Strategic Board

One of the Big Four jobs of an effective board is to be Strategic.

Being Strategic is about being where you WANT to be before you HAVE to be there.
We discuss how strategic planning is not the same as strategic thinking.

Topics covered:

  • The Meaning of Strategy
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Preparing a Strategic Plan
  • Vision Mission and Values and their Importance
  • Annual Plan
  • Strategic Models : PESTLE, Five Forces, SWOT

Compliance and the role of the Board

Understand the rules and regulations directors and trustees must be aware of: Health and safety, stakeholder reporting, constitutions and deeds and more.


  Topics covered:

  • Key legislation and regulations impacting on different boards and their operations e.g. Companies Act, Trustee requirements
  • Fiduciary Duty
  • Health and Safety requirements of Directors
  • Directors Certificates
  • Reporting to shareholders and other stakeholders
  • Understanding the constitution or deed of your organisation

The Meaning of Governance

What is Governance?

We explore the origin of governance, roles and responsibility of Trustees and Directors. Whether you are a Trustee of a Charitable Trust or a Director of a commercial company this course will help you understand your role in the organisation and the value you can add as a Trustee or Director.

Topics covered:

  • The origin of Governance and how it looks today
  • The Role of the Board
  • The Role of each Trustee or Director
  • Models of Governance: Four pillars and Directors Chair
  • Boardroom Culture
  • Ethical Behaviour

Each module runs over 1 full day

IOD Members points may be available


Cost per module $485 incl gst

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