Woman At the Top

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This is a handbook for women who aspire to be a director of a board. It contains the experiences of author Frances Denz as she moved up the governance ladder from being on the committee of her local dog club, to being a director of two very significant boards.

Frances Denz’s account of her real-life experience and her acutely accurate – and often rueful – observations will resonate with many women. The book is… an excellent factual ‘how to’ guide to seizing opportunity and avoiding pitfalls.

In New Zealand, although not in many countries we have become accustomed to seeing women in high public office as politicians. In the last seventeen years we have had two woman Prime Ministers, a Governor General, an Attorney General, A Minister of Finance and the Speaker of the House. These are all Government roles – women governing the country.

However in spite of these quite spectacular advances, woman have not achieved that success rate in governing businesses. Why should business be any different to politics?


Frances has written her handbook in 28 short chapters on topics ranging from ‘The Difference between Management and Governance’ through ‘Components for Success’ to ‘What Boards and Trusts are Looking For’. Most of these chapters contain a sidebar showcasing Frances’ relevant experience or else have her stories woven into the advice.

In the section on ‘Getting Paid’, for example, she provides sobering numbers on the level of pay relative to the work and risk, and describes the amount she is paid and reimbursed for her two most significant Boards.


"A gutsy, pertinent and timely book… Frances lays down the challenge for those who appoint directors and those who would wish to be directors".

Dame Jenny Shipley



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