Effective board decision making does not happen without good policies and processes.

Well-informed and high-quality decision making is a critical requirement for a board to be effective.

Flawed decisions can be made with the best of intentions, with competent individuals believing passionately that they are making a sound judgment, when they are not. Many of the factors which lead to poor decision making are predictable and preventable.

Boards can minimise the risk of poor decisions by investing time in the design of their decision.

Ideal for Directors and Trustees.

In this full one day workshop you will understand how effective boards run meetings, the role of the Chair and how policies should be created.

Topics covered:

  • Board Processes
  • Documentation: Minutes and Agendas
  • Board Papers
  • Decision Making
  • Problem Solving
  • Registration of Interest
  • Working together as a Group
  • Role of the Chair

The Effective Board: Processes & Procedures of the Certificate in Governance begins soon.

Stellaris Certificate in Governance

Needing to upskill?

Each module is presented over one full day from 9.00am – 4.00pm.

PLEASE NOTE: Modules can be completed in any order, assessments available.

Cost $485 incl gst

To register your interest or learn more email info@stellaris.co.nz