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Is it time to review your board processes?

Is it time to review your board processes?

Effective board decision making does not happen without good policies and processes. Well-informed and high-quality decision making is a critical requirement for a board to be effective. Flawed decisions can be made with the best of intentions, with competent...

Congratulations Ron Scott & Dr Sheerali Arya

Congratulations Ron Scott & Dr Sheerali Arya

A big congratulations to Ron Scott and Dr Sheerali Arya for for having a paper published in the International Journal of Civil Engineering and Technology. A STUDY ON EFFECTS OF SERVICE QUALITY MODELS ON DIGITAL BANKING IN PRIVATE INDIAN RETAIL BANKS. Dr Sheerali Arya...

The Terrible Smell of Fraud

The Terrible Smell of Fraud

This is every business or Trust’s worst nightmare. You sense something is not quite right with the accounts, or with the stock. You don’t have as much money as you thought you should have. There is nothing you can put your finger on, just a feeling of unease. Who is...

Fads, Fancies and the Future

Fads, Fancies and the Future

It is fascinating how new business ideas and concepts arise becoming the latest thing that has to be observed.  Some become embedded into our culture and others try and fail. But businesses can die if they select the wrong fashion and spend time and money developing...

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Ron has created a series of short videos with helpful tips and tricks.


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